Virtual Electronic Music Open Mic (VEMOM)

Welcome to the VEMOM! Inspired by the fantastic EMOM events, but from the comfort and safety of your home.

First one will be on the 26th of March 2020, 7.30PM - 11PM UTC, you can sign up on Facebook, or just get the informations here :)

For the audience

The event will be streamed on my twitch channel. Audience participation and feedback is encouraged. You can create an account on twitch to be identified when commenting, but you should be able to comment without it (but anonymous).

For the performers

Each performance can be maximum 10 minutes. This will ensure the event feels dynamic to everyone. Between each of them, I'll introduce the following one and, if possible, ask a few questions about the music. Does this sound similar to a regular EMOM event? Yes! that's the goal :)

For the performance in itself, there's a few options:

Whatever the option, make sure to respect the time limit.

If you're performing live, you will need to join me on Skype. I am creating a group call for the night. When it's your turn, You will be unmuted and play :)

If you prefer to record in advance or share some tracks, you can join me on Skype for a live introduction and questions. If not, I can introduce you myself and ask a few questions via twitch. A live intro remains preferable as it gives an opportunity to create a more human connection.


To register as a performer, you can add me on skype (q.leonetti@live.fr), or send me an email (q.leonetti@gmail.com). As the schedule will fill up, it's first come first serve, and priority to people that will be present on the night.

Livestreaming advice

From a hardware setup

If you're using a DAWless setup to play live, you can send the audio into your audio interface. In skype, select the audio interface inputs as your microphone when it's your time to play.

From a DAW (on MacOS)

You can use Soundflower to redirect the audio from the DAW to Skype. More detailled instructions to come, but this video can help in the meantime (disregard OBS as this is not what will be used): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHp7hlSTOBI.

From a DAW (on Windows)

It's a bit more complicated, but once I get it working I'll give instructions as well :)

From a DAW (on Linux)

I can't test that, but if someone has a good guide that would be appreciated!

Thank you all :)