Roundup - September 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome :) I'm starting this slow, with only 4 releases. Expect more in the following roundup!

The Loop Union - Serendipity Serendipity is a versatile album, with intense textural drones and 65DOS-esque glitchy beats.

Christopher Bissonnette Christopher Bissonnette finds an appropriate home on the 12k label with his newest release. The plaintive melodies and understated drones makes it a very delicate and intimate album.

Julia Kent - Drops A very cinematic single by Julia Kent, with an ever increasing tension. If you like experimental abstract videos I recommend the video by Justin Batchelor too.

Alex Ingresoll - Ruins Form Alex Ingresoll gives us a tasteful mix of accoustic and electronic sounds, opening a window onto an iddylic world, full of gentle melodic vibes and harmonies.

All the best,